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Get access to our webinar and learn from established speakers with a record of commitment to Health, Safety and Security in a series of sessions that will provide you with practical, readily implementable strategies to to improve your company’s safety  and protect the lives of workers in the workplace, on the road, in schools, at play and in the home.


Don't miss out on a virtual workshop that is exactly what we need at this time!

Join us online for the 10th Annual “On the Road, On the Job” International Safety Workshop which promotes networking and dialogue on Safety, Health and Security, particularly in a post-Covid world.

Hosted by Grennell’s Driver Safety Training and Services Limited in collaboration with Global EHSS Leadership Solutions LLC, this year’s event on “Creating Sustainable Safety, Security and Health Programmes” will be an interactive experience offering live sessions with industry experts on a screen, no matter where you live.

We are excited by this new digital endeavor because safety leaders challenged by time and budget can now access all the content, whether at work or home without needing to travel. The Digital Experience also gives you access to consultants via live chat for a more personal online learning experience. Networking with peers in dedicated discussion boards means you can connect with them in real-time and get answers to all of your questions.

Conference Objectives

The virtual forum which addresses Safety, Health and Safety strives to:

PROVIDE a professional forum to discuss and apply the most recent knowledge pertaining to national, international and local safety, health and security initiatives for employers and employees.
PRESENT methods used to analyze information and demonstrate practical ways to use the information for improvement.
ASSIST employers and employees in managing, analyzing, and interpreting safety, health and security information by providing education on proven methods that will empower them to make a positive impact at their facilities.
ENHANCE the learning experience by offering sessions that educate attendees on the topic areas of their choice and with consideration of their level of programmatic experience.

Join us online for the 10th Annual “On the Road, On the Job” International Safety Workshop on
Friday. November 20, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. EST Jamaica Time (GMT -5)

Here is a typical feedback from participants in the workshop:

                                                  Natassia Wright

Meet the speakers and panelists

From around the world, we have lined up some of the truly best experts!

Dr. Wes Scott

President and CEO of Global EHSS Leadership Solutions, LLC.

Alphonso Grennell

CEO, Grennell's Driving School

Dr. Robert Lewis

 President, Always-Safe Inc., New York, USA

Mark Shields

CEO, Shields Crime and Security Consultants and Former Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jamaica


Ludlow Powell

Group Safety & Environment Manager
Guardsman Security Limited

Meet the speakers and panelists

Ministers of Government

        The Honourable                Dr. Christopher Tufton

Minister of Health and Wellness

The Honourable        Robert Montague

Minister of Transport and Mining

      The Honourable          Dr. Horace Chang

 Minister of National Security

Kennisha Drummond, CSP, CIT, CRM

   Safety, Environment and Premix Officer, Best Dressed Feed Mill, Jamaica Broilers Group Ltd.


Who is this for?

Here is a select listing of individuals, groups and organization who have benefited from the International Safety Workshop:

  • Environmental, Safety and Health Professionals
  • HR Managers
  • Personnel in Risk Management
  • Fleet Owners and Managers
  • Transport Operators
  • Insurance Companies
  • Safety and Traffic Officers
  • Training Institutions
  • Fire Services Officers
  • Security Personnel
  • Health and Business Professionals
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Representatives of ALL Ministries and Government and Government Agencies (including Labour, Environment, Transport, Works and Housing, Health)
  • National Road Safety Council
  • National Environment & Planning Agency
  • Tax Administration
  • Island Traffic Authority 
  • Transport Authority
  • Petroleum Companies 
  • Truckers Associations
  • Bauxite Industry

What to expect 

SESSION 1: Creating A Better Normal: Improving Health For Everyone
Duration: 60 minutes
The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be more than just a threat to our health: it’s become a disruption of our way of life, affecting everything from supply chains, to the way we love, to what is considered essential work. How are we to protect ourselves, think about and live amidst this “new normal”?

Presenter: W.E. Scott MD, PhD, MPH
Dr. Wes Scott is a retired military medical officer with over 35 years of federal service including US Army Medical Command; Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and served as a Director with the National Safety Council, (US). He has been appointed by the US Secretary of Labor to serve on the National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health. He currently serves as the President and CEO of Global EHSS Leadership Solutions, LLC.



Duration: 75 minutes
Crime and Security: The National and Individual Imperatives
Jamaica’s less-than-ideal crime statistics have given rise to an increased effort among stakeholders to find solutions aimed at curtailing the situation. Security is about de-escalating by being pro-active, having situational awareness, mitigating risks, defusing a confrontation and recognizing the control you have in at-risk situations. Our expert panel will discuss topics that promote awareness and prevention of criminal confrontation. Seminar participants are presented with a variety of common-sense crime prevention and personal safety strategies they may integrate into their daily lives.


Dr. Wes Scott, President & CEO, Global EHSS Leadership Solutions LLC
Dr. Robert Lewis, President, Always-Safe Inc., New York, USA
Mr. Mark Shields, CEO Shields Crime and Security Consultants and Former Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jamaica
Mr. Ludlow Powell, Group Safety & Environment Manager, Guardsman Security Limited


Kennisha Drummond-Martin, CSP, CIT, CRM

Safety, Environment and Premix Officer

Best Dressed Feed Mill  Jamaica Broilers Group Ltd

She is an OEHS professional, who has had tremendous achievement. She is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), one of only 2 females currently certified in Jamaica. She has over 16 years’ of experience in industry with extensive training and experience in OESH management. This experience and training has contributed to her accolades as a Certified Environmental Safety and Health Trainer, Risk Manager and ISO Management Systems Lead Auditor.

She is a member of the non-profit organization, Jamaica Occupational Safety and Health Professional Association (JOSHPA). Her passion is to improve the culture of OESH in Jamaica. She holds a BSc. in Chemistry & Food Chemistry and a MSc. in Occupational Environment, Safety and Health (OESH) from the University of the West Indies and is currently pursuing a PhD in Safety Sciences at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  




Duration: 60 minutes

This session focuses on the high level of road fatalities and the national and international impact of crashes on the economies of countries across the globe. According to the World Health Organization, road traffic crashes cost most countries 3% of their gross domestic product. The presenter shares some smart measures and best practices including defensive driving, for preventing motor vehicle collisions and road traffic fatalities.

Presenter: Alphonso Grennell, Managing Director, Grennell’s Driver Safety and Training Services

  See profile under Meet your host



Grennell’s On the road, On the job International Safety Workshop is within its 10 yrs. of delivering success to its participants across industries within Jamaica.

I have been involved since its inception, from being a participant, a moderator, a facilitator and a presenter. Grennell’s International Safety workshops have increased workplace knowledge in many areas of safety and among topical issues that are always discussed at the interactive panel discussions. In most cases, these sessions have improved the participants' personal life and career path in a positive way. They are always ready to employ the skills and tips, learned, with great results almost immediately on the job, on the roads and for those who operate their own businesses. The experience is always a fulfilling one.

Interestingly, Grennell’s always uses an inclusive approach, people centered, getting feedback and asking for ideas to meet the participants' needs as well as the employers' to tailor their training for all. The international safety workshop is very informative, with eye-opening sessions which provide the opportunity to discuss issues openly and honestly without prejudice regarding workplace happenings and to drive a safety culture in a generative way.

I have personally benefited, and it has helped me to be a rounded individual when it comes to safety in a big way executing self awareness and total observation on the job and on the roads. The workshops are a fundamental part of career building for all levels of workers, including management. The workshop is geared to promote a safe and healthy working environment, to reduce occupational health and safety risks, prevent work-related incidents and to improve compliance to policies, procedures and legislative/regulatory authorities. 

I recommend Grennell’s International Safety Workshop anytime. It’s like a “ONE STOP SHOP” for learning.


Dwight "Castro" Campbell

Environment Safety and Social Impact Manager

Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited

Meet your host

Alphonso Grennell has been the managing director of Grennell’s Driver Safety Training & Services (Grennell’s Driving School) since June 1, 1999.

He holds certificates in Security Driving Instruction from BSR, West Virginia, USA (2005) and Defensive Driving (Trainer of Trainers) from Safety Systems & Services Ltd, Trinidad and Tobago (2004) and Defensive Driving Instructor from Safety Systems & Services Ltd, Trinidad and Tobago (1998).

In addition he also holds a certificate in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills for Managers from Management Institute for National Development (2003), and a diploma in Automotive Service Management from Jamaica-German Automotive School (1997).

Mr. Grennell has appeared on television and radio stations as a Defensive Driving expert to give vital and relevant information on how defensive driving can help to prevent traffic crashes that result in damages, injuries and even fatalities. He has written and has submitted road and traffic safety articles to The Gleaner and the Jamaica Gasoline Retailer Association Magazine.


Grennell’s Driving School is a member of the National Safety Council as a public agent.


Who are the institutions presenting the International Safety Workshop?

In August 2011 Alphonso Grennell, Managing Director of Grennell’s Driver Safety Training and Services Limited initiated an International Safety Workshop in association with the National Safety Council (USA). This arose out of a need that he recognized concerning the lack of training available in the areas of Occupational, Environmental, Health and Safety. Past workshops have been endorsed by the Jamaica Occupational Health & Safety Professional Association and the National Road Safety Council and the Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport and Mining.

About the Organizers

Grennell’s Driver Safety Training & Services Ltd is registered with the Ministry of Education under the Independent Schools Association and is also an official training centre for the National Safety Council (USA).

Global EHSS Leadership Solutions LLC, has been helping companies develop and implement environment, health, and safety strategies to improve corporate sustainability and to respond to emerging compliance requirements. The company has global availability with locations in
Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that you might have.

You can also send us an email: grennells@cwjamaica.com

Is the workshop entirely virtual? I want to be able to participate from overseas.

Yes. All the sessions will be delivered live using the zoom platform and will be accessible anywhere once Internet access is available.

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes. All the sessions are interactive and there will be managed opportunities for your to ask questions in chat or to mic up and speak.

What if I miss sessions?

You have access to video replays of all sessions in addition to handouts and other materials that will be made available by the expert presenters.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes. All registered participants will have access to replays of all the virtual sessions